The Assessment and Intake Process

Most of the time, our services begin with a phone consultation that helps us get a "feel" for the student and allows parents to ask questions. Next, we do a functional academic and learning skills assessment and records review to look closely at the strengths and challenges in a student's learning system.

The intake process is mandatory for entrance into any of the Keeping Pace Learning Center programs as we want to be sure that, from a student's very first day, we are providing the best and most efficient programs and strategies for him or her. We do not want to waste any time guessing or experimenting. Keeping Pace offers assessments that examine both cognitive processes and academic skills. Most other learning centers only offer diagnostic assessments of basic academic skills. You already know your child is struggling and we can tell you why and what can be done to solve the difficulties .

This assessment process includes these steps:

1.) Gaining insight of the struggles and needs of the student through a variety of forms and checklists that we will email you or hand to you at Parent Night.

2.) The assessments are done at Keeping Pace Learning Center

3.) Review of all previous assessments that are provided by the parents.

When children with at least average intellectual ability struggle to learn, even with adequate instruction, there is likely something interfering with the way they process information. Something is underdeveloped, different, or inefficient.  At the Learning Center, we recognize that if we are going to effectively impact academic learning problems, we must prepare the brain for learning by strengthening and developing the underlying thinking processes that support academic skills. These testing tools and assessments vary based on the intake data provided from the parents, the students responses during the testing process, previous testing provided, and concerns of the family.

The testing may include the combination of cognitive and processing skills:

• Memory

• Attention

• Processing Speed

• Auditory processing, language, and communication

• Phonemic awareness

• Visual processing

• Internal timing and organization

• Motor coordination and sensory integration, developmental skills

• Logic and reasoning

• Executive function

• Dyslexia profile

We will also access the academic skills in the area of:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Decoding
  • Word Identification
  • Fluency
  • Math Skills
  • Writing
  • Handwriting

Our primary work is done one-on-one with students and focuses on teaching, strengthening, and developing those skills that lead to independent, academic success and challenges in a student's learning. The intake process also includes a parent/client consultation, report and recommendations, and program set-up.

Different students have different needs. Each student has a completely individualized program that is adjusted as progress is made. Because our therapy focuses on developing underlying thinking skills essential to efficient learning, daily instruction is critical to the process. In order to reduce the cost to the family, we often suggest partnering with the parents to provide the frequency of instruction needed. We view parents as our teaching partners and we will provide both instruction and materials to support them. We work with students of all ages who have challenges with listening, language and communication, reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, math, organization and study skills, and/or attention and concentration. Some students come with formally diagnosed learning challenges; others are simply struggling with school or some area of their life. Our goal is for each student to become as comfortable and independent a learner as he or she can be. After the assessment, a consultation is scheduled to review the results. All parts of the assessment are thoroughly explained as well as how problem areas impact the student.

The individualized program developed for the student is discussed, as are time frames, fees, and payment options.

Please allow  for at least 3 hours for the assessment process.  The consultation to review the results generally takes about an hour.  During that time we will discuss program options and fees.

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