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One of the most important processing skills that supports learning is attention.  The greater our ability to focus and to attend to instruction,  the easier it is to learn. Quite often, parents are told that, "if their child could pay attention,  hey could learn". 

It is not that simple, nor that definitive. If it was, attention medications would work and everything would be solved. Most often there is more to the attention issue than just attention.

When a parent is concerned about attention abilities or their child, they must go through an arduous process within their pediatrician. Most of the time they are required to fill out numerous checklists and have teachers and school officials fill out the same checklist to determine if enough people think that the child has ADD/ADHD. Then medications may be suggested.

Please know that there are other options besides medication. We offer Attention Process Training and Core Learning Programs, which can explained after the assessment.  At times, medication can solve everything, but when the medication is not working, the side effects make life miserable and the parent is then opposed to use of stimulants.

Most importantly, we find there are other things going on in the learning system that are equal or greater than attention.  ADD and ADHD mimic Auditory Processing Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder.  Let our assessment process help tease out all the underlying issues that may be plaguing your child.  Don't hesitate to call now to schedule an assessment. 

Attention Process Training