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Learning Ally

  • A national non-profit organization dedicated to helping blind, visually impaired, dyslexic children, and children with reading-related learning disabilities, succeed in education.
  • Goal is to help students build confidence in the classroom by combining human-narrated audiobooks, with practical advice and emotional support.
  • Strive to develop the best educational solutions from audio books, to support services.
  • Support the community, parents, students, and educators, by providing FREE public workshops, online resources and training.
  • There is a fee for some services

 Dyslexia Alliance

  • A collaborative non-profit organization seeks to enhance the lives of individuals with dyslexia through awareness, identification, advocacy, early evidence-based intervention, and education.
  • Dedicated and passionate group of parents, educators, specialists, and community leaders who have years of experience working with people who have dyslexia and with concerned parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Offers various events focusing on reading and writing, introduction to dyslexia, dyslexia support group meeting, and trainings.
  • Membership encouraged

Decoding Dyslexia

  • A network of parent-led grassroots movements across the country, who are concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for dyslexia, within the public education system.
  • Aim to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children and inform policy-makers on best practices to identify, remediate and support students with dyslexia.
  • Advocating for a universal definition and understanding of dyslexia, mandatory teacher trainings, warning signs and appropriate intervention strategies for dyslexia.
  • Advocating for early screening tests, and mandatory dyslexia remediation programs.

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