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    “I have had the pleasure of working with Carol Hess of Keeping Pace Learning Center and Reading Clinic to help my 12 year old daughter with the Auditory Processing deficiencies she was experiencing. Not only did my daughter grow through the process and improve her Auditory Processing Skills, Carol helped her improve her study habits and gave her strategies and methods to approach all of her classes that she will be able to use throughout her academic career. My daughter explained that Carol was fun to work with, that she incorporated games and fun activities to move her through the process and keep her engaged. I would recommend any parent, who knows that something is off with their child and their academics, to utilize the expertise, experience and knowledge of Carol Hess and her staff at keeping Pace Learning Center.”

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    “The therapists at Keeping Pace have helped my ADHD/autistic son think. He has problems getting around all of the distractions around him & understanding what to do with information given him. They gave us a program of exercises to do that was highly effective for my son. When there was something wrong and he just wasn't able to learn and no one including teachers & etc knew what to do about it, Carol and her people Keeping Pace were able to offer me solutions that worked.”

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    “This has been the best resource for our family. The folks at Keeping Pace are kind, informative, structured and very professional. This is quality at its best. Carol has an interactive approach to the process and is the very best at advocating for her students. She and her team are supportive and my child loves coming to tutoring. This is a team that is accommodating and has children at the center of the business!”

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    “Love this place - integrate learning and sensory in a comprehensive way I've never seen before. Really helped my autistic son.”

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    “My 13-year-old has been attending Keeping Pace since February 2018, for weaknesses in auditory processing and other issues relating to dyslexia. I can't speak highly enough about Carol and her amazing staff, to say nothing of the sweet relief of finally seeing progress with my son. Carol and Parys work tirelessly to help us, and make sure I know everything I need to get him the help he needs.

    Sending him to Keeping Pace was like opening a door that had been closed for ages, and when the light and fresh air comes in, it is just the best feeling! I had been struggling with my son for quite some time, and he has always worked very hard. In recent years, schoolwork became so frustrating for him that there would be tearful battles on a near daily basis.

    He still works hard, and he still gets frustrated. But the tears have all but gone, and he has renewed confidence in his ability to work through his challenges.

    I am SO GLAD I found this place. It has been the best thing for our family!”

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    “We have been attending Keeping Pace for 3 months after a referral from a friend. Carol, the owner, is very down to earth and easy to talk with. After initial testing and recommendations for treatment she explained our daughters individual plan thoroughly. She has answered every question we've had and quickly returns emails and phone calls.

    The staff has also been wonderful with our daughter. They engage her in areas of interests (like star wars!) and then draw her into the lessons with ease. Though she does not like school our daughter loves coming to her "pace" appointments.

    We saw small benefits of the treatments and lessons very quickly and continue to see a gradual and steady improvement in her areas of need. Her teacher at school has also noticed the changes.

    We attend KP twice a week and also complete homework (most) nights.

    If your child needs help, you'll find it here!”

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    “I have worked at Keeping Pace Learning Center for a couple of years. The center provides excellent one on one tutoring for kids of all ages who have a variety of learning disabilities. Throughout the years, I have worked for a few tutoring companies, and what makes Keeping Pace different, is the approach to handling learning problems. Keeping Pace determines why these skills are weak, and what can be done to make learning easier.”

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    “Carol, once again you came to the rescue for my daughter whom you have supported and worked well with in stupendous fashion since she was in only 4th grade.

    I was drowning in a legal and educational institution NIGHTMARE -- although a lawyer myself I felt horribly lost in a system that seemed rigged for my kids' failure. You took us by the hand, carefully explained the testing system, learning strategies and obstacles, medication options and most of all, what my rights were and HOW TO FIGHT!

    From day one, you explained that this is a journey of partnership, and patiently helped us get consistent with your required at HOME exercises , including learning games and tools which have proved useful over and over again....My daughter who is now 21, and blossoming beautifully beyond all outside expectations, still asks for card games and makes games out of her very challenging medical training course materials and terminology!

    Most recently, you helped us nail additional accommodations she needed to fully access the educational program at a medical assistant college and she is getting As and Bs despite her ADD and cognitive processing disorder which was misdiagnosed by medical and teacher profession until she reached MIDDLE S SCHOOL! Before that she was failing in math and science and spending countless hours every night trying to learn in a way that was unsuited for HER. With accommodations that you helped us fight for in place, she broke the old mold and got the highest class grade on a 9th grade Algebra test.

    Lastly, we cannot THANK YOU enough for taking time during your VACATION recently to write a letter that moved mountains and smoothed the way for her accommodations at the medical training college. You are an outstanding committed professional and truly caring human being. Bravo, Keeping Pace!”

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    “Having our six year old son attend Keeping Pace over the last year is the best decision we have made in helping him reach his full potential. He has been diagnosed with a speech delay in his expressive and receptive language, ADHD, & Specific Learning Disability. Upon his diagnosis, I recognized immediately that he wouldn't receive the help he needed with his schools learning center and found Keeping Pace.

    Within two weeks we saw an improvement in his day to day speech, as well as improvements in general observations and sentence structure. He's starting to read and is improving every single day. He looks forward to his sessions each week.

    Carol is the absolute best advocate and very knowledgeable. She honestly wants to help the children and a great support for us parents. I've been able to meet with her a number of times to discuss my concerns with my son's IEP, and she has been a support at meetings at his school. Hands down the best decision we've made.”

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    “My kids came in to get tutoring on math and reading. My 14 year old daughter actually enjoys math now. My 11 year old son improved in math when I was unable to help. My 9 year old daughter reads at level now. When she started she was 2 levels below her grade level. The testing helps pinpoint areas that need improvement but most importantly, how the child learns. The staff is wonderful and helpful. I would recommend Keeping Pace tutoring to anyone looking for help in learning.”

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    “From the beginning I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care that every staff member shows to the parents and children that are lucky enough to attend Keeping Pace Learning Center.
    Our 11 year old son has struggled with reading due to his dyslexia. When he started at KPLC he was three years below grade level, within two months he is almost at grade level in reading. He is happier and much more confident-what more could we ask for?!!
    We are so grateful for KPLC's expertise in educating children who learn in a unique way and for their role in helping them to achieve their goals.”

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    “My son has been attending KPLC as a first grade student. We knew he needed additional support although he did not qualify to any special education services in public school and his pediatrician could not technically diagnose his auditory processing disorder until age 8, but we wanted to help him avoid future issues in school. The center has been one of the few places where we have found people deeply knowledgeable about his sort of learning needs and my wife and I were impressed with the number of tools and resources they had available to help. He has done extremely well, and while he was always very smart he is succeeding more at his academics now. He loves his tutor and the environment there so going to his appointments are fun for him and he always feels successful. I highly recommend it as a place where students that are not thriving with traditional method can find alternatives that really work.”

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    “I have been working for the Keeping Pace Learning Center for several months and I must say that I have never worked at a place quite like this. Carol, the executive director, has years of experience in education. The knowledge and experience that she brings when it comes to helping kids learn, can't be found anywhere else. I have seen kids who are going through the various programs offered improve tremendously due to the unique approach to learning.”

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