‚ÄčKeeping Pace

Learning Center

& Reading Clinic


When a child is struggling in school there is a reason!  There is a solution.

Learning is a complex process. Good grades and enjoyable learning require a strong, well developed, integrated and readily available learning system. If any part of the learning sytem is weak or the skills are missing, school work becomes difficult, frustrating and tiring. Keeping Pace Learning Center takes a very different approach to learning problems than a more curriculum based learning center, tutoring and school based interventions. During our assessment process we look at the whole picture of the learning system of the child to determine why the child struggles. We, of course evaluate the reading skills, comprehension skills, math skills. Most parents already know these are weak. Our assessments determine why they are weak and what must be done to strengthen the skills so learning can be easier and more efficient. We will be assessing memory, attention, visual processing, auditory processing, reasoning and sensory motor skills that may be interfering with your child's ease and joy of learning. Then we design a therapeutic intervention program to strengthen those learning skills and remediate the academic skills the student has missed because of the cognitive and processing difficulties.

Expect more than Just tutoring!