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Carol Hess, Founder

Carol Hess has working with learning struggles as a parent, a teacher, an administrator and a trainer.  Her passion for helping those who "just can't learn" has led her to become an expert in fields such as dyslexia, processing disorders, executive function and more.  When she is not helping kids overcome these struggles, she also loves dogs, travel, and time with family!

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Cealey and Michael Hemsworth, Directors

Cealey and Michael started as parents with a child working at Keeping Pace.  Cealey is so passionate to share the success that she experienced there that she joined the team.  Now she is a homeschool mom to three and an advocate for struggling learners to overcome shame and frustration and start finding success!

Academic and Studying Skills

  • Language including expressive and receptive language, articulation, and vocabulary development
  • Reading: decoding phonics, sight words, comprehension, and morphology
  • Writing: printing and cursive spelling, sentence structure, paragraph, and essay writing
  • Grammar, organization, and composition
  • Editing and proofing
  • Study skills 

Processing and Cognitive Skills

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Processing speed
  • Auditory processing
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Visual processing
  • Sensory-motor integration
  • Sequential processing
  • Simultaneous processing

Featured Testimonials

  • NewSongs Music

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Carol Hess of Keeping Pace Learning Center and Reading Clinic to help my 12 year old daughter with the Auditory Processing deficiencies she was experiencing. Not only did my daughter grow through the process and improve her Auditory Processing Skills, Carol helped her improve her study habits and gave her strategies and methods to approach all of her classes that she will be able to use throughout her academic career. My daughter explained that Carol was fun to work with, that she incorporated games and fun activities to move her through the process and keep her engaged. I would recommend any parent, who knows that something is off with their child and their academics, to utilize the expertise, experience and knowledge of Carol Hess and her staff at keeping Pace Learning Center.”

  • NewSongs Music

    “The therapists at Keeping Pace have helped my ADHD/autistic son think. He has problems getting around all of the distractions around him & understanding what to do with information given him. They gave us a program of exercises to do that was highly effective for my son. When there was something wrong and he just wasn't able to learn and no one including teachers & etc knew what to do about it, Carol and her people Keeping Pace were able to offer me solutions that worked.”

  • NewSongs Music

    “This has been the best resource for our family. The folks at Keeping Pace are kind, informative, structured and very professional. This is quality at its best. Carol has an interactive approach to the process and is the very best at advocating for her students. She and her team are supportive and my child loves coming to tutoring. This is a team that is accommodating and has children at the center of the business!”

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